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Core Drill w/ stand - Milwaukee Electric Tool Corp. 4115-22

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This contractor series small base stand features a cast aluminum base with 4 leveling screws for fast accurate leveling adjustment. The durable precision-ground 2-1/2 in. steel column is 43-1/2 in. high and has a universal motor adapter plate. The reversible feed handle helps the operator use the unit from either side. Model 4115-22 comes with model 4096 coring motor, Vac-U-Rig kit as well as a meter box. The Vac-U-Rig uses a vacuum pump to apply suction to a large pad mounted on the bottom of the rig. This aids in stability when coring holes. Includes Small Base Stand, Vac-U-Rig 49-22-7075 and 48-51-0120 meter box and 4096 diamond coring motor.

  • Comes with 4096 Diamond Coring Motor

  • Cast aluminum base with four leveling screws for fast accurate leveling adjustment

  • Durable precision-ground 2-1/2 in. steel column, 43-1/2 in. high.

  • Rear mounted rack and pinion feed.