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Loader Compact Dingo/Bobcat

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Horizontal Boring Machine - Porta-Mole (Carlton Int. Mfg. Co.) - 9 HP
Auger - Toro Dingo - 18"
Hydraulic Breaker -Toro Dingo - Model: 22441
4 in 1 Bucket - Toro Dingo - Model: 22411 -
$290 / DAY
Adjustable Forks -Toro Dingo - Model: 22418
Bucket attachment - Toro Dingo - Model 22409
Stump grinder attachment -Toro Dingo - Model: 22429
Tiller attachment - Toro Dingo - Model: 22445
Trencher attachment -Toro Dingo - Model: 22465 - TX 413 2'
Rock Bucket for Dingo/ Mini Loader
$45 / DAY
Toro Dingo and Bobcat compact utility loaders are versatile, durable, and portable. These compact hydraulic power plants accomplish tasks otherwise done by hand or by less productive machines in a fraction of the time. All Toro Dingo compact utility loaders offer incredible hydraulic power in a compact, maneuverable package. Coupled with a broad array of powerful Toro Dingo attachments, you'll be amazed at what these machines can do! Attachments range from augers, buckets, rock handling, trenching, and more. 


Toro Dingo

20 HP Engine: Kohler Command PRO
Cooling System: Air cooled
Hydraulic System(Pressure): 3000 psi systm relief pressure
Flow: 11.2 gpm
Reservoir Capacity: 8 gallons
Track (Standard): Endless Kevler rubber
Controls: Key, throttle, choke
Steering: Single control w/ ref. bar
Loader/Hydraulic System: Joystick control for all funct
Dimensions (Ground Clearance): 4.6"
Overall Length: 92"
Overall Width: 33.7"
Overall Height: 46.1"
Hinge Pin Height: 65.8"
Ground Speed: 0-4.5pmh fwd, 1-2 rev.