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Lift Hook Fit Universal

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Don’t risk an OSHA citation with straps, cables or chains around bare forks. Lift suspended loads safely and securely with a Star Industries universal lift hook. Suitable for both straight-mast and extendable-reach forklifts, this lift hook has been designed to utilize the full capacity of your forklift.
Includes heavy-duty swivel hook with latch and bolted anchor shackle Easily slides on the forks and is pinned behind the heel for fast and easy securement Can be used with straight-mask and extendable-reach forklifts Rugged heavy duty construction for increased durability and long life Safety chain included for additional security
Rent this in Hawaii and all the Islands Maui,Kona,Hilo, Oahu, Kauai. 
1371B 12,000 lbs 
277 lbs 42”W x 12”H x 28½”L 24” long x 7½” x 2⅞” ID 34” Open