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Concrete saw, gas - Partner Industrial Products - K950 Active

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Partner K950 Active is a gas power cutter with superior power to weight ratio and excellent ergonomics. This is not merely another new model. With the K950, Partner has created an entirely new class of power cutters with a slimmer, more manageable body and a highly efficient 94 cc engine with the raw power required for 16" blades.

Convenience and safety increase efficiency
Working with a Partner machine is more efficient and safer thanks to the ergonomic, balanced design with a sleek machine body, and the vibration isolated handle system with perfect handle spacing. The K950 is easy and comfortable to work with, which increases the productivity of both machine and operator.

Longer service intervals and less wear with Active Air Filtration
Cutting dust is the enemy of all petrol power cutters since it gets sucked into the engine and wears down piston, cylinder and bearings. Active Air Filtration, a combination of three separate filter systems, is one of the many Partner breakthroughs. The first active step separates the cutting dust from the intake air through centrifugal force. Remaining dust gets stuck in a second filter stage, made from a plastic foam filter, saturated with oil and having a large surface area. A third filter stage, made of pleated paper, provides additional reassurance that the intake air is free from dust. With Active Air Filtration, up to 90% of all the cutting dust is separated already in the maintenance-free centrifugal stage.

Maintaining raw power longer increases efficiency and reduces service requirements
In order to ensure optimum power output, Partner developed a carburetor with built-in filter compensation, SmartCarb?. It maintains a constant air/fuel ratio. This maintains power output even as the filter becomes clogged. There is no need to adjust the carburetor manually. Together, Active Air Filtration and SmartCarb? maintain high power output longer, reduce filter costs, lower fuel consumption, and reduce exhaust emissions.

Reduced starting cord resistance yields easy, smooth start
A high-compression engine makes you pull hard on the starter cord.
With the EasyStart decompression valve, this problem is solved easily and effectively. When you want to start, you just press the button that opens the valve. The EasyStart valve reduces the compression in the cylinder during the start, which means less wear on the starter assembly. EasyStart reduces the force necessary to start the engine by 50%.

Sealed starter mechanism reduces wear on starter cord and starter device
The new starter mechanism is practically maintenance free due to a unique, patented design - Dura Starter - which encloses the return spring and pulley bearing. Several different seals prevent the cutting dust from reaching the vital parts of the starter mechanism. We have also installed an additional spring that prevents the pulley from vibrating - something that could draw in dust.

Dust and water proof transmission offers longer service interval with fewer interruptions
The K950 Active has an enclosed drive belt. This protects the transmission in the cutting arm from dust and moisture. Having an enclosed transmission means reduced wear, longer service intervals and fewer service interruptions.

New blade guard
To make cutting easier and more comfortable, Partner has developed a completely new blade guard with rubber bearings. A unique locking system makes it much easier to set the guard to the correct position during cutting.

Reverse cutting arm to allow easy cutting close to wall or ground
With the K950 Active, you can reverse the cutting arm. That makes it possible to cut close to a wall or the ground, limited only by the blade guard. Naturally, the excellent ergonomic properties of the machine are reduced somewhat, but for some jobs, the ability to reverse the arm makes all the difference.

Self-lubricating clutch bearings increase clutch life and keep dust away
The clutch bearing on the K950 Active is automatically lubricated by the engine's lubricating system. This is an old Partner speciality. A hole in the crank shaft feeds oil to the clutch bearing. The pressure that develops in the crankcase, and spreads to the clutch bearing, keeps the bearing free from dust particles - and that increases life.

Suitable For:
  • General concrete cutting
  • Pile cutting
  • Asphalt cutting
  • Dismantling work (auto, ship, airplane etc.)
  • Pipeline cutting
  • Demolition work

  • SmartCarb?
  • EasyStart
  • Dura Starter
  • Selflubricating clutch bearing
  • Enclosed transmission
  • Reversible cutting arm
  • Easy Adjustable blade guard
  • Ergonomic design
  • Wet cutting kit

Engine: Air cooled, two cycle engine
Displacement: 94 cc
Power: 6.1 hp (4.5 kW)
Weight, without blade, 12'': 21.8 lbs (9.9 kg)
14'': 22.9 lbs (10.4 kg)
16'': 24.7 lbs (11.2 kg)

12" (300mm) Diameter: 4" (100mm) Cutting Depth
14" (350mm) Diameter: 5" (125mm) Cutting Depth
16" (400mm) Diameter: 6" (145mm) Cutting Depth

Standard arbor bushing: 1"' (25.4mm)