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Compact/mini excavator - IHI 15NX

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IHI 15NX Compact Excavator


Power and Stability
Standard on the 15NX, the side lifting capability is boosted by equipped expandable tracks 38.5 inches - 50 inches.
Spacious Control Room for the Operator
With attractive 4-post canopy, the operator can have a clear and unobstructed view.
Smoother Operation Exceeding World Standards
Hydraulic pilot joystick controls with armrest are equipped to offer a high degree of operatioal responsiveness.
A-F Quick Change Valve
This quick change operating pattern selector allows instant changing from back hoe-style to excavator-style controls with the flip of a switch.

IHI 15NX Compact Excavator

Basic Dimensions

? A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P
15NX 11'1" 3'9" 5'2" 3'3" 1'6" 7'6" 9" 9" 38.5"-50"* 2'9" 2'9" 2" 1'4" 1'2" 1'2" 2'2"?


? *expandable tracks

Working Range

?A. ?Maximum Digging Radius ?12'4"
?B. ?Maximum Digging Depth ?7'0"
?C. ?Maximum Digging Height ?11'10"
?D. ?Maximum Dumping Height ?8'5"
?E. ?Max. Vertical Digging Depth ?5'10"
?F. ?Min. Front Turning Radius ?4'11"
At Right Boom Swing ?4'2"
Bucket Force? ?5,447 lbs.
?Basic Specifications
Canopy 4-post
Bucket Capacity 1.55 cu. ft.
Transport Weight 3,600 lbs.
Operating Weight 3,850? lbs.?
Model Yanmar
????Horsepower 13 h. p. @ 2,400 rpm
Tank Capacity ?5.3 gal.
Length 11'1"
Width ?3'3"
Hydraulic Equipment
Type-Piston/gear 2 Piston/ 2 Gear
Total Flow ?12.7 gpm
Operating Pressure 2,988 psi
Aux. Flow ?6.9.gpm
? Features
Travel Speed L/H 1.3 / 2.5 mph
Ground Pressure ?3.7 psi
Swing Speed ??9.5 rpm
Swing Angle L80? / R55?