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Scabbler - EDCO/Equipment Development Co. CD-5

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Edco Scabbler

Features and Benefits ? Wide T-Grip Handle and 8" Wheels for Superior Balance and Handling
? Automatic In-Line Oiler for Low Piston Maintenance
? Air Powered - Requires Only 160 CFM at 85 PSI
? Heavy-Duty 1/4" Steel Frame
? EDCO's Exclusive WHIPCHEK? Cable Assures Safe Air Hose Hookup
? Standard Moisture Separator Protects Your Investment for Years of Trouble-Free Performance
? 3" Vacuum Port for Dust-Free Operation
? Delivers 1,200 Hits per Minute for Fast Surface Removal!

? Ideal for Removing spalling concrete
-Roughening surfaces for new overlayments
- Reducing high spots
- Creating wheelchair access ramps
- Removing epoxy
- Creating slip-resistant surfaces
- Texturing parking garage ramps
- Removing loose or deteriorating concrete

Working Area
5 Scabbler heads provide 11 1/2" working width -- remove up to 250 square feet of concrete surface per hour (23 sq m)

Max. Hose Length 60' of 3/4" hose
Model CD-5
Part Number 63100
Power Options Air-powered (150 CFM air compressor required)
Included Bits One set (5) general use