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Chicago to 3/4 Male Tread 3/4" Air Hose

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Chicago to 3/4" Treaded Adaptor

The original quarter-turn claw type hose coupling, the Chicago hose coupling connects hose and equipment with ease.  Just press two couplings together firmly and twist.  There is no male or female head to worry about in a manifold or jobsite configuration. A safety clip prevents accidental disconnection.

Connect hose of varying diameters without additional adapters, all Chicago type hose couplings interchange through 1 inch.  Couplings 1 inch and under have a 2-lug design that interchanges regardless of hose or thread size.  All couplings over 1 inch have a 4-lug design that also interchanges between other 4-lug sizes.

Commonly found on pneumatic tools and compressed air hose and air manifolds.  All Chicago couplings are pressure rated at 150 PSI. -  Do not use for steam service! 

Also known as universal couplings or crows-foot couplings, these couplings comply with USA type claw type universal couplings only (not compatible with European interchange and some Asia manufactured couplings).