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Breaker Hydraulic for Excavator (2K)

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Compact/mini excavator - Bobcat E10
$230 / DAY
Excavator Mini Wacker 803
$230 / DAY
Breaker Hydraulic for Excavator Bit
$36 / DAY
Ideal for demolition and renovation work in Hawaii . The hydraulic hammer provides a high productivity due to an energy recovery system. The accumulator reduces pressure variations in order to be able to constantly provide high energy. A constant performance is independent of oil flow due to an automatic pressure regulator. The ‚Heavy-duty’ casing reduces the noise level and protects the hammer from dust and foreign objects. The massive absorption increases the life expectancy of the hammer and the carrier vehicle.  
Weight 143 lb
Pressure 1,800 psi
Admissible backpressure 435 psi
Percussion rate 1,450 blows/min
Diameter 1.46 in
Specs might very depending on model